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Hoskins AL, Millican SL, Czernik CE, Alshankiti I, Netter JC, Wendelin TJ, Musgrave CB, Weimer AW.  2019.  Continuous on-sun solar thermochemical hydrogen production via an isothermal redox cycle. Applied Energy. 249:368-376.
Muhich CL, Weston KC, Arifin D, McDaniel AH, Musgrave CB, Weimer AW.  0.  Extracting kinetic information from complex gas–solid reaction data. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 54(16):4113-4122.
Deml AM, Holder AM, O’Hayre RP, Musgrave CB, Stevanović V.  0.  Intrinsic material properties dictating oxygen vacancy formation energetics in metal oxides. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 6(10):1948-1953.
Bartel CJ, Sutton C, Goldsmith BR, Ouyang R, Musgrave CB, Ghiringhelli LM, Scheffler M.  2019.  New tolerance factor to predict the stability of perovskite oxides and halides. Science Advances. 5(2):eaav0693.
Deml AM, Stevanović V, Muhich CL, Musgrave CB, O'Hayre R.  2014.  Oxide enthalpy of formation and band gap energy as accurate descriptors of oxygen vacancy formation energetics. Energy & Environmental Science. 7(6):1996.
Bartel CJ, Millican SL, Deml AM, Rumptz JR, Tumas W, Weimer AW, Lany S, Stevanović V, Musgrave CB, Holder AM.  2018.  Physical descriptor for the Gibbs energy of inorganic crystalline solids and temperature-dependent materials chemistry. Nature Communications. 9(1):4168.
Muhich CL, Ehrhart BD, Witte VA, Miller SL, Coker EN, Musgrave CB, Weimer AW.  2015.  Predicting the solar thermochemical water splitting ability and reaction mechanism of metal oxides: a case study of the hercynite family of water splitting cycles. Energy Environ. Sci..
Muhich CL, Ehrhart BD, Al-Shankiti I, Ward BJ, Musgrave CB, Weimer AW.  2016.  A review and perspective of efficient hydrogen generation via solar thermal water splitting. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Energy and Environment. 5(3):261-287.
Bartel CJ, Weimer AW, Lany S, Musgrave CB, Holder AM.  2019.  The role of decomposition reactions in assessing first-principles predictions of solid stability. npj Computational Materials. 5(1):4.
Deml AM, Stevanović V, Holder AM, Sanders M, O’Hayre R, Musgrave CB.  0.  Tunable oxygen vacancy formation energetics in the complex perovskite oxide SrxLa1–xMnyAl1–yO3. Chemistry of Materials. 26(22):6595-6602.