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Michalsky R, Botu V, Hargus CM, Peterson AA, Steinfeld A.  0.  Design principles for metal oxide redox materials for solar-driven isothermal fuel production. Advanced Energy Materials. 5(7):1401082.
Ezbiri M, Allen KM, Gàlvez ME, Michalsky R, Steinfeld A.  0.  Design principles of perovskites for thermochemical oxygen separation. ChemSusChem. 8(11):1966-1971.
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Scheffe JR, Steinfeld A.  0.  Oxygen exchange materials for solar thermochemical splitting of H2O and CO2: A review. Materials Today.
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Steinfeld A.  0.  Solar thermochemical production of hydrogen––a review. Solar Energy. 78(5):603-615.
Scheffe JR, Jacot R, Patzke GR, Steinfeld A.  0.  Synthesis, Characterization, and Thermochemical Redox Performance of Hf 4+ , Zr 4+ , and Sc 3+ Doped Ceria for Splitting CO 2. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 117(46):24104-24114.
Scheffe JR, Welte M, Steinfeld A.  0.  Thermal Reduction of Ceria within an Aerosol Reactor for H 2 O and CO 2 Splitting. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 53(6):2175-2182.