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Lapp JL, Lange M, Rieping R, de Oliveira L, Roeb M, Sattler C.  0.  Fabrication and testing of CONTISOL: A new receiver-reactor for day and night solar thermochemistry. Applied Thermal Engineering. 127:46-57.
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Qian X., He J., Mastronardo E., Baldassarri B., Wolverton C., Haile S.M.  2020.  Favorable Redox Thermodynamics of SrTi0.5Mn0.5O3−δ in Solar Thermochemical Water Splitting. Chemistry of Materials. 32(21):9335-9346.
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Wang R, Sun Z, Choi J-P, Basu SN, Stevenson JW, Tucker MC.  2019.  Ferritic stainless steel interconnects for protonic ceramic electrochemical cell stacks: Oxidation behavior and protective coatings. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 44:25297-25309.
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Strange NA, Park JEujin, Goyal A, Bell RT, Trindell JA, Sugar JD, Stone KH, Coker EN, Lany S, Shulda S et al..  2022.  Formation of 6H-Ba3Ce0.75Mn2.25O9 During Thermochemical Reduction of 12R-Ba4CeMn3O12: Identification of a Polytype in the Ba(Ce,Mn)O3 Family. Inorganic Chemistry. 61
Kim J, Johnson TA, Miller JE, Stechel EB, Maravelias CT.  2012.  Fuel production from CO2 using solar-thermal energy: system level analysis. Energy & Environmental Science. 5(9):8417.