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Wang Y, Vanka S, Gim J, Wu Y, Fan R, Zhang Y, Shi J, Shen M, Hovden R, Mi Z.  2019.  An In0.42Ga0.58N tunnel junction nanowire photocathode monolithically integrated on a nonplanar Si wafer. Nano Energy. 57:405-413.
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Leonard E, Shum AD, Danilovic N, Capuano C, Ayers KE, Pant L, Weber AZ, Xiao X, Parkinson D, Zenyuk IV.  2019.  Interfacial Analysis of PEM Electrolyzer Using X-ray Computed Tomography. Sustainable Energy & Fuels.
Britto RJ, Young JL, Yang Y, Steiner MA, LaFehr DT, Friedman DJ, Beard M, Deutsch TG, Jaramillo TF.  2019.  Interfacial engineering of gallium indium phosphide photoelectrodes for hydrogen evolution with precious metal and non-precious metal based catalysts. Journal of Materials Chemistry A. 7:16821-16832.
Kang Z, Alia SM, Young JL, Bender G.  2019.  Investigation of porous transport layer parameters for proton exchange membrane water electrolysis.
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García J, Herrero-Martín J, Subías G, Blasco J, Andreu J.S, M. Sánchez C.  0.  Incommensurate Sinusoidal Oxygen Modulations in Layered Manganites La 1 − x Sr 1 + x MnO 4 ( x ≥ 0.5 ). Physical Review Letters. 109(10)
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Demont A, Abanades S, Beche E.  0.  Investigation of perovskite structures as oxygen-exchange redox materials for hydrogen production from thermochemical two-step water-splitting cycles. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 118(24):12682-12692.
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Janković B..  0.  Isothermal reduction kinetics of nickel oxide using hydrogen: Conventional and Weibull kinetic analysis. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids. 68(12):2233-2246.