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Journal Article
Meister P, Qi X, Kloepsch R, Krämer E, Streipert B, Winter M, Placke T.  2017.  Anodic Behavior of the Aluminum Current Collector in Imide-Based Electrolytes: Influence of Solvent, Operating Temperature, and Native Oxide-Layer Thickness. ChemSusChem. 10(4):804-814.
Rudisill SG, Venstrom LJ, Petkovich ND, Quan T, Hein N, Boman DB, Davidson JH, Stein A.  0.  Enhanced Oxidation Kinetics in Thermochemical Cycling of CeO 2 through Templated Porosity. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 117(4):1692-1700.
Qian X., He J., Mastronardo E., Baldassarri B., Wolverton C., Haile S.M.  2020.  Favorable Redox Thermodynamics of SrTi0.5Mn0.5O3−δ in Solar Thermochemical Water Splitting. Chemistry of Materials. 32(21):9335-9346.
Kim YSeung, Li D, Park EJoo, Wenlei Z, Qiurong S, Zhou Y, Tian H, Lin Y, Serov A, Zulevi B et al..  2020.  Highly quaternized polystyrene ionomers for high performance anion exchange membrane water electrolysers. Nature Energy. 5
Qian X., He J., Mastronardo E., Baldassarri B., Yuan W., Wolverton C., Haile S.M.  2021.  Outstanding Properties and Performance of CaTi0.5Mn0.5O3–δ for Solar-Driven Thermochemical Hydrogen Production. Matter. 4(2):688-708.
Qian Q, Tyson TA, Kao CC, Rueff JP, deGroot FMF, Croft M, Cheong SW, Breenblatt M, Subramanian MA.  0.  Valence measurement of Mn oxides using Mn K-beta emission spectroscopy. JOURNAL OF PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF SOLIDS. 61(3):547-460.