Hear Talks from HydroGEN Members at the Upcoming Fuel Cell Seminar

October 30, 2017

HydroGEN steering committee members Huyen Dinh and Richard Boardman will present technical session talks at the Fuel Cell Seminar and Energy Exposition in Long Beach, California, November 7-9, 2017.

Dinh will give a presentation titled “An Overview of HydroGEN, a DOE Energy Materials Network, Aimed at Accelerating the R&D of Advanced Water Splitting Materials (AWSM)” during the Renewable Hydrogen Pathways session on Wednesday, November 8.

Boardman will give a presentation titled “Light Water Reactor Repurposed for H2 Generation by SOEC” during the SOFC/SOEC Modeling session on Thursday, November 9.

To view the full schedule and to register, visit the Fuel Cell Seminar website.