HydroGEN Director Contributes to International Hydrogen Community

July 5, 2023

HydroGEN director, Dr. Huyen Dinh, was invited to deliver a lecture at the SOLAR2CHEM training workshop to 15 early-stage researchers. The lecture covered benchmarking and standard protocol development activities within the HydroGEN and H2NEW Consortium. As part of the Scientific Advisory Board for the FlowPhotoChem European Consortium, Dinh also participated in-person the consortium annual review meeting at EPFL in Lausanne on May 25 & 26, 2023.

FlowPhotoChem is a multi-national, European-Union-funded research consortium that is developing new and better ways to manufacture chemicals using carbon dioxide and sunlight. Their goal is to replace much of the fossil fuels used today to make fuels and useful chemicals, by using solar energy and advanced catalysts to convert CO2 into, for example, ethylene, as a precursor for plastics.

In addition to aligning with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office’s H2@Scale vision, HydroGEN’s international participation contributes to the global clean hydrogen community, awareness of the state-of-the-art renewable hydrogen production research that the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies Office supports, and potential partnerships that may lead to international protocol standardization and R&D acceleration of water splitting technologies.