HydroGEN Director Participates in MIT Energy Initiative Spring Symposium Panel

July 7, 2022

HydroGEN Director Huyen Dinh discussed the global race for hydrogen at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Energy Initiative’s 2022 Spring Symposium “Options for producing low-carbon hydrogen at scale” panel.

The MIT Energy Initiative specializes in outreach to promote dialogue about current energy issues, including hosting an annual energy symposium. The 2022 theme was “Hydrogen’s role in a decarbonized energy system: How to enable it.” Invited panelists representing academia, industry, and government explored topics related to hydrogen markets, infrastructure, production, and policies essential to realizing a clean energy future with hydrogen.

“In the near term, stakeholders will need to improve the efficiency, durability, and affordability of hydrogen production through electrolysis (using electricity to split water) using today’s renewable and nuclear power sources,” said Dinh. “The time frame is short, the competition is intense, and a coordinated effort is critical for domestic competitiveness.”

HydroGEN is addressing the materials and R&D challenges for emerging water splitting pathways to produce affordable hydrogen.

Read more about the panel in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative’s news article.