Hydrogen: Targeting \textdollar1/kg in 1 Decade

TitleHydrogen: Targeting \textdollar1/kg in 1 Decade
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsPivovar BS, Ruth MF, Myers DJ, Dinh HN
JournalThe Electrochemical Society Interface
Date Published12/2021
KeywordsClean hydrogen, decarbonizing, electrolysis, energy storage, energy transfer, hydrogen market, hydrogen shot

The societal energy system is evolving rapidly as the impacts of our existing energy system are better appreciated and technological advances have dramatically decreased the cost of renewable resources. Simultaneously, the importance of energy transfer across timeframes and the difficulty of decarbonizing the industrial loads and transportation demands using electricity are being recognized. At the center of this need is achieving low-cost clean hydrogen. The U.S. Department of Energy launched the Hydrogen Energy EarthShot which seeks to reduce the cost of clean hydrogen to $1 per 1 kilogram in one decade. Reaching the $1/kg goal is dependent on the evolution of the electrical energy system to increase renewable energy deployment and low electricity costs; advances in electrolysis technology and manufacturing readiness; and infrastructure build-out and hydrogen market establishment that results in the ability to make, move, store, and use clean hydrogen economically while spurring job creation.

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