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Accelerating research, development, and deployment of advanced water splitting technologies for clean, sustainable hydrogen production

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HydroGEN is a consortium of six U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories that will address advanced water splitting materials challenges by making unique, world-class national lab capabilities in photoelectrochemical, solar thermochemical, and low- and high-temperature electrolytic water splitting more accessible to academia, industry, and other national labs. HydroGEN is part of the DOE Energy Materials Network (EMN) and is funded by DOE’s Fuel Cell Technologies Office.



HydroGEN offers a suite of unique capabilities in the photoelectrochemical, solar thermochemical, low-temperature electrolytic, and high-temperature electrolytic water splitting pathways.

Furthermore, HydroGEN has the technical expertise and understands the issues related to these advanced water splitting materials. Partners can leverage capabilities and expertise in these areas:

  • Computational tools and modeling
  • Material synthesis
  • Process and manufacturing scale-up
  • Characterization
  • System integration
  • Analysis

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