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A Thermogravimetric Temperature-Programmed Thermal Redox Protocol for Rapid Screening of Metal Oxides for Solar Thermochemical Hydrogen Production. M. Sanders, A. Bergeson-Keller, E. Coker, R. O’Hayre, Frontiers in Energy Research (2022) : 856943.
Comprehensive Evaluation for Protective Coatings: Optical, Electrical, Photoelectrochemical, and Spectroscopic Characterizations. X. Shen, R. Yanagi, D. Solanki, H. Su, Z. Li, C. X. Xiang, S. Hu, Frontiers in Energy Research (2022) .
Considerations for the Accurate Measurement of Incident Photon to Current Efficiency in Photoelectrochemical Cells. D. S. Ellis, Y. Piekner, D. A. Grave, P. Schnell, A. Rothschild, Frontiers in Energy Research (2022) .
Crystallographic Effects of GaN Nanostructures in Photoelectrochemical Reaction. Y. Xiao, S. Vanka, T. Anh Pham, W. Jae Dong, Y. Sun, X. Liu, I. Ahmed Navid, J. B. Varley, H. Hajibabaei, T. W. Hamann, T. Ogitsu, Z. Mi, Nano Letters (2022) : 2236-2243.
Electrode optimization for efficient hydrogen production using an SO2-depolarized electrolysis cell. H. R. Colón-Mercado, S. A. Mauger, M. B. Gorensek, C. H. Fujimoto, A. A. Lando, P. Ganesan, B. H. Meekins, N. D. Meeks, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2022) : 14180-14185.
Formation of 6H-Ba3Ce0.75Mn2.25O9 During Thermochemical Reduction of 12R-Ba4CeMn3O12: Identification of a Polytype in the Ba(Ce,Mn)O3 Family. N. A. Strange, J. Eujin Park, A. Goyal, R. T. Bell, J. A. Trindell, J. D. Sugar, K. H. Stone, E. N. Coker, S. Lany, S. Shulda, D. S. Ginley, Inorganic Chemistry (2022) .
High-performance SO2-depolarized electrolysis cell using advanced polymer electrolyte membranes. H. R. Colón-Mercado, M. B. Gorensek, C. H. Fujimoto, A. A. Lando, B. H. Meekins, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2022) : 57-68.
Mechanistic understanding of pH effects on the oxygen evolution reaction. J. C. Fornaciari, L. C. Weng, S. M. Alia, C. Zhan, T. Anh Pham, A. T. Bell, T. Ogitsu, N. Danilovic, A. Z. Weber, Electrochimica Acta (2022) : 139810.
Migration of inclusions in a matrix due to a spatially varying interface energy. Q. Zhang, S. Barnett, P. Voorhees, Scripta Materialia (2022) : 114235.
Operational Limits of Redox Metal Oxides Performing Thermochemical Water Splitting. A. Bayon, A. de la Calle, E. B. Stechel, C. Muhich, Energy Technology (2022) : 2100222.
Predicting Oxygen Off-Stoichiometry and Hydrogen Incorporation in Complex Perovskite Oxides. S. L. Millican, A. M. Deml, M. Papac, A. Zakutayev, R. O’Hayre, A. M. Holder, C. B. Musgrave, V. Stevanović, Chemistry of Materials (2022) : 510-518.
Redox Defect Thermochemistry of FeAl2O4 Hercynite in Water Splitting from First-Principles Methods. S. L. Millican, J. M. Clary, C. B. Musgrave, S. Lany, Chemistry of Materials (2022) : 519-528.
Revitalizing interface in protonic ceramic cells by acid etch. W. Bian, W. Wu, B. Wang, W. Tang, M. Zhou, C. Jin, H. Ding, W. Fan, Y. Dong, J. Li, D. Ding, Nature (2022) : 479-485.
Spatially resolved performance and degradation in a perfluorinated anion exchange membrane fuel cell. A. G. Divekar, M. R. Gerhardt, C. M. Antunes, L. Osmieri, A. C. Yang-Neyerlin, A. Z. Weber, B. S. Pivovar, G. Bender, A. M. Herring, Electrochimica Acta (2022) : 139812.
System and technoeconomic analysis of solar thermochemical hydrogen production. Z. Ma, P. Davenport, G. Saur, Renewable Energy (2022) : 294-308.
A comprehensive modeling method for proton exchange membrane electrolyzer development. Z. Ma, L. Witteman, J. A. Wrubel, G. Bender, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2021) : 17627-17643.
A mini-review on proton conduction of BaZrO 3 -based perovskite electrolytes. C. Vera, H. Ding, D. Peterson, W. Gibbons, M. Zhou, D. Ding, Journal of Physics: Energy (2021) : 032019.
Chalkboard 2 - How to Make Clean Hydrogen. S. Alia, D. Ding, A. McDaniel, F. M. Toma, H. N. Dinh, The Electrochemical Society Interface (2021) : 49–56.
Computationally Accelerated Discovery and Experimental Demonstration of Gd0.5La0.5Co0.5Fe0.5O3 for Solar Thermochemical Hydrogen Production. J. E. Park, Z. J. L. Bare, R. J. Morelock, M. A. Rodriguez, A. Ambrosini, C. B. Musgrave, A. H. McDaniel, E. N. Coker, Frontiers in Energy Research (2021) .
Development of a Photoelectrochemically Self-Improving Si/GaN Photocathode for Efficient and Durable H2 Production. G. Zeng, T. Anh Pham, S. Vanka, G. Liu, C. Song, J. K. Cooper, Z. Mi, T. Ogitsu, F. M. Toma, Nature Materials (2021) : 1-6.
Double-Site Substitution of Ce Into (Ba, Sr)MnO3 Perovskites for Solar Thermochemical Hydrogen Production. S. J. Heo, M. Sanders, R. O’Hayre, A. Zakutayev, ACS Energy Letters 9 (2021) : 3037-3043.
Elucidating the Role of Hydroxide Electrolyte on Anion-Exchange-Membrane Water Electrolyzer Performance. J. Liu, Z. Kang, D. Li, M. Pak, S. M. Alia, C. Fujimoto, G. Bender, Y. Seung Kim, A. Z. Weber, Journal of The Electrochemical Society (2021) : 054522.
Energy Material Network Data Hubs. R. R. White, K. Munch, N. Wunder, N. Guba, C. Sivaraman, K. M. Van Allsburg, H. Dinh, C. Pailing, International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (2021) .
Factors Governing Oxygen Vacancy Formation in Oxide Perovskites. R. B. Wexler, G. S. Gautam, E. B. Stechel, E. A. Carter, Journal of the American Chemical Society 33 (2021) : 13212-13227.
Hydrogen: Targeting \textdollar1/kg in 1 Decade. B. S. Pivovar, M. F. Ruth, D. J. Myers, H. N. Dinh, The Electrochemical Society Interface (2021) : 61–66.
Influence of Supporting Electrolyte on Hydroxide Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysis Performance: Anolyte. A. Kiessling, J. C. Fornaciari, G. Anderson, X. Peng, A. Gerstmayr, M. R. Gerhardt, S. McKinney, A. Serov, Y. Seung Kim, B. Zulevi, A. Z. Weber, N. Danilovic, Journal of The Electrochemical Society (2021) : 084512.
Layer-structured triple-conducting electrocatalyst for water-splitting in protonic ceramic electrolysis cells: Conductivities vs. activity. W. Li, B. Guan, T. Yang, Z. Li, W. Shi, H. Tian, L. Ma, T. L. Kalapos, X. Liu, Journal of Power Sources (2021) : 229764.
Modeling Electrokinetics of Oxygen Electrodes in Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cells. K. Cook, J. Wrubel, Z. Ma, K. Huang, X. Jin, Journal of The Electrochemical Society (2021) : 114510.
Multiple Reaction Pathways for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction May Contribute to IrO2 (110)'s High Activity. M. A. Ha, R. E. Larsen, Journal of The Electrochemical Society (2021) : 024506.
Outstanding Properties and Performance of CaTi0.5Mn0.5O3–δ for Solar-Driven Thermochemical Hydrogen Production. X. Qian, J. He, E. Mastronardo, B. Baldassarri, W. Yuan, C. Wolverton, S. M. Haile, Matter 2 (2021) : 688-708.
Performance and Durability of Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzers Using Down-Selected Polymer Electrolytes. A. R. Motz, D. Li, A. Keane, L. D. Manriquez, E. J. Park, S. Maurya, H. Chung, C. Fujimoto, J. Jeon, M. K. Pagels, C. Bae, K. E. Ayers, Y. S. Kim, Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2021) : 22670-22683.
Performance and Limits of 2.0 eV Bandgap CuInGaS2 Solar Absorber Integrated With CdS Buffer on F:SnO2 Substrate for Multijunction Photovoltaic and Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Devices. N. Gaillard, W. Septina, J. Varley, T. Ogitsu, K. K. Ohtaki, H. A. Ishii, J. P. Bradley, C. Muzzillo, K. Zhu, F. Babbe, J. Cooper, 17 (2021) : 5752-5763.
Performance Indicators for Benchmarking Solar Thermochemical Fuel Processes and Reactors. B. Bulfin, M. Miranda, A. Steinfeld, Frontiers in Energy Research (2021) .
Phase formation of manganese oxide thin films using pulsed laser deposition. L. M. Garten, P. Selvarasu, J. Perkins, D. Ginley, A. Zakutayev, Mater. Adv. (2021) : 303-309.
Reduction Thermodynamics of Sr1−xCexMnO3 and CexSr2−xMnO4 Perovskites for Solar Thermochemical Hydrogen Production. A. M. Bergeson-Keller, M. D. Sanders, R. P. O’Hayre, Energy Technology (2021) .
Regulation of Cathode Mass and Charge Transfer by Structural 3D Engineering for Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cell at 400 °C (Adv. Funct. Mater. 33/2021). W. Bian, W. Wu, Y. Gao, J. Y. Gomez, H. Ding, W. Tang, M. Zhou, D. Ding, Advanced Functional Materials (2021) : 2170244.
Scaleup and manufacturability of symmetric-structured metal-supported solid oxide fuel cells. E. Dogdibegovic, Y. Cheng, F. Shen, R. Wang, B. Hu, M. C. Tucker, Journal of Power Sources (2021) : 229439.
Sensitivity and Effective Parameterization of a Multi-Scale Model of Proton-Exchange-Membrane Water Electrolysis. A. Dizon, J. Fornaciari, M. Rochow, A. Z. Weber, ECS Transactions 8 (2021) : 417-427.
Techno-Economic Analysis of Thermochemical Water-Splitting System for Co-Production of Hydrogen and Electricity. V. K. Budama, N. G. Johnson, I. Ermanoski, E. B. Stechel, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2 (2021) : 1656-1670.
The oxygen partial pressure in solid oxide electrolysis cells with multilayer electrolytes. Q. Zhang, Q. Y. Liu, B. K. Park, S. Barnett, P. Voorhees, Acta Materialia (2021) : 116928.
Thin film growth effects on electrical conductivity in entropy stabilized oxides. V. Jacobson, D. Diercks, B. To, A. Zakutayev, G. Brennecka, Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2021) : 2617-2624.
Addressing the Stability Gap in Photoelectrochemistry: Molybdenum Disulfide Protective Catalysts for Tandem III–V Unassisted Solar Water Splitting. M. Ben-Naim, R. J. Britto, C. W. Aldridge, R. Mow, M. A. Steiner, A. C. Nielander, L. A. King, D. J. Friedman, T. G. Deutsch, J. L. Young, T. F. Jaramillo, ACS Energy Letters (2020) : 2631-2640.
CeTi2O6—A Promising Oxide for Solar Thermochemical Hydrogen Production. S. S. Naghavi, J. He, C. Wolverton, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 19 (2020) : 21521-21527.
Deconvolution of Water-Splitting on the Triple-Conducting Ruddlesden–Popper-Phase Anode for Protonic Ceramic Electrolysis Cells. H. Tian, W. Li, L. Ma, T. Yang, B. Guan, W. Shi, T. L. Kalapos, X. Liu, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2020) : 49574-49585.
Degradation of solid oxide electrolysis cells: Phenomena, mechanisms, and emerging mitigation strategies—A review. Y. Wang, W. Li, L. Ma, W. Li, X. Liu, Journal of Materials Science & Technology (2020) : 35-55.
Emergent Degradation Phenomena Demonstrated on Resilient, Flexible, and Scalable Integrated Photoelectrochemical Cells. T. A. Kistler, G. Zeng, J. L. Young, L. C. Weng, C. Aldridge, K. Wyatt, M. A. Steiner, O. Solorzano Jr., F. A. Houle, F. M. Toma, A. Z. Weber, T. G. Deutsch, N. Danilovic, Advanced Energy Materials (2020) : 2002706.
Enhancement of Ni-(Y2O3)0.08(ZrO2)0.92 fuel electrode performance by infiltration of Ce0.8Gd0.2O2-: δ nanoparticles. B. Kyeong Park, R. Scipioni, D. Cox, S. A. Barnett, Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2020) : 4099–4106.
Exploring Ca–Ce–M–O (M = 3d Transition Metal) Oxide Perovskites for Solar Thermochemical Applications. S. Gautam, E. B. Stechel, E. A. Carter, Chemistry of Materials 23 (2020) : 9964-9982.
Favorable Redox Thermodynamics of SrTi0.5Mn0.5O3−δ in Solar Thermochemical Water Splitting. X. Qian, J. He, E. Mastronardo, B. Baldassarri, C. Wolverton, S. M. Haile, Chemistry of Materials 21 (2020) : 9335-9346.
High-Throughput Analysis of Materials for Chemical Looping Processes. N. R. Singstock, C. J. Bartel, A. M. Holder, C. B. Musgrave, Advanced Energy Materials 27 (2020) .
Highly efficient and durable III–V semiconductor-catalyst photocathodes via a transparent protection layer. S. Hwang, J. L. Young, R. Mow, A. B. Laursen, M. Li, H. Yang, P. E. Batson, M. Greenblatt, M. A. Steiner, D. Friedman, T. G. Deutsch, E. Garfunkel, C. Dismukes, Sustainable Energy Fuels 3 (2020) : 1437-1442.
Highly quaternized polystyrene ionomers for high performance anion exchange membrane water electrolysers. Y. Seung Kim, D. Li, E. Joo Park, Z. Wenlei, S. Qiurong, Y. Zhou, H. Tian, Y. Lin, A. Serov, B. Zulevi, E. Donel Baca, C. Fujimoto, H. Chung, Nature Energy (2020) .
Improved Performance and Efficiency of Lanthanum–Strontium–Manganese Perovskites Undergoing Isothermal Redox Cycling under Controlled pH2O/pH2. K. Lee, D. C. McCord, R. J. Carrillo, B. Guyll, J. R. Scheffe, Energy & Fuels 12 (2020) : 16918-16926.
Interfacial Electromechanics Predicts Phase Behavior of 2D Hybrid Halide Perovskites. C. C. Price, J. C. Blancon, A. D. Mohite, V. B. Shenoy, ACS Nano (2020) : 3353-3364.
On the role of the zirconia/ceria interface in the degradation of solid oxide electrolysis cells. Q. Zhang, B. K. Park, S. Barnett, P. Voorhees, Applied Physics Letters (2020) : 123906.
Oxidation Kinetics of Hercynite Spinels for Solar Thermochemical Fuel Production. S. L. Millican, I. Androshchuk, J. T. Tran, R. M. Trottier, A. Bayon, A. Salik, H. Idriss, C. B. Musgrave, A. W. Weimer, Chemical Engineering Journal (2020) .
Predicting Spinel Disorder and Its Effect on Oxygen Transport Kinetics in Hercynite. R. M. Trottier, Z. J. L. Bare, S. L. Millican, C. B. Musgrave, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 21 (2020) : 23831-23843.
Self-sustainable protonic ceramic electrochemical cells using a triple conducting electrode for hydrogen and power production. H. Ding, W. Wu, C. Jiang, Y. Ding, W. Bian, B. Hu, P. Singh, C. J. Orme, L. Wang, Y. Zhang, D. Ding, Nature Communications (2020) .
Triple ionic–electronic conducting oxides for next-generation electrochemical devices. M. Papac, V. Stevanović, A. Zakutayev, R. O’Hayre, Nature Materials (2020) .
Tungsten oxide-coated copper gallium selenide sustains long-term solar hydrogen evolution. D. W. Palm, C. P. Muzzillo, M. Ben-Naim, I. Khan, N. Gaillard, T. F. Jaramillo, Sustainable Energy & Fuels (2020) .
Understanding of A-site deficiency in layered perovskites: promotion of dual reaction kinetics for water oxidation and oxygen reduction in protonic ceramic electrochemical cells. W. Tang, H. Ding, W. Bian, W. Wu, W. Li, X. Liu, J. Y. Gomez, C. Y. Regalad Vera, M. Zhou, D. Ding, J. Mater. Chem. A (2020) : 14600-14608.
Water-Stable 1D Hybrid Tin(II) Iodide Emits Broad Light with 36% Photoluminescence Quantum Efficiency. I. Spanopoulos, I. Hadar, W. Ke, P. Guo, S. Sidhik, M. Kepenekian, J. Even, A. D. Mohite, R. D. Schaller, M. G. Kanatzidis, Journal of the American Chemical Society (2020) : 9028-9038.
A Single-Junction Cathodic Approach for Stable Unassisted Solar Water Splitting. Y. Wang, Y. Wu, J. Schwartz, S. Hyun Sung, R. Hovden, Z. Mi, Joule (2019) .
An In0.42Ga0.58N tunnel junction nanowire photocathode monolithically integrated on a nonplanar Si wafer. Y. Wang, S. Vanka, J. Gim, Y. Wu, R. Fan, Y. Zhang, J. Shi, M. Shen, R. Hovden, Z. Mi, Nano Energy (2019) : 405-413.
Approaches for co-sintering metal-supported proton-conducting solid oxide cells with Ba(Zr,Ce,Y,Yb)O3-δ electrolyte. R. Wang, G. Y. Lay, D. Ding, T. Zhu, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 26 (2019) : 13768-13776.
Catalysts in electro-, photo- and photoelectrocatalytic CO2 reduction reactions. Y. Wang, D. He, H. Chen, D. Wang, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology C: Photochemistry Reviews (2019) .
Conditions for stable operation of solid oxide electrolysis cells: oxygen electrode effects. B. K. Park, Q. Zhang, P. W. Voorhees, S. A. Barnett, Energy Environ. Sci. (2019) : 3053-3062.
Continuous on-sun solar thermochemical hydrogen production via an isothermal redox cycle. A. L. Hoskins, S. L. Millican, C. E. Czernik, I. Alshankiti, J. C. Netter, T. J. Wendelin, C. B. Musgrave, A. W. Weimer, Applied Energy (2019) : 368-376.
Creating stable interfaces between reactive materials: titanium nitride protects photoabsorber–catalyst interface in water-splitting photocathodes. S. Hwang, S. H. Porter, A. B. Laursen, H. Yang, M. Li, V. Manichev, K. U. D. Calvinho, V. Amarasinghe, M. Greenblatt, E. Garfunkel, C. Dismukes, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (2019) : 2400-2411.
Dependence of interface energetics and kinetics on catalyst loading in a photoelectrochemical system. Y. He, S. Vanka, T. Gao, D. He, J. Espano, Y. Zhao, Q. Dong, C. Lang, Y. Wang, T. W. Hamann, Z. Mi, D. Wang, Nano Research (2019) .
Direct Deposition of Crystalline Ta3N5 Thin Films on FTO for PEC Water Splitting. H. Hajibabaei, D. J. Little, A. Pandey, D. Wang, Z. Mi, T. W. Hamann, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2019) : 15457-15466.
Effect of direct-current operation on the electrochemical performance and structural evolution of Ni-YSZ electrodes. Q. Liu, Q. Zhang, P. W. Voorhees, S. A. Barnett, Journal of Physics: Energy (2019) : 014006.
Ferritic stainless steel interconnects for protonic ceramic electrochemical cell stacks: Oxidation behavior and protective coatings. R. Wang, Z. Sun, J. P. Choi, S. N. Basu, J. W. Stevenson, M. C. Tucker, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2019) : 25297-25309.
High performance III-V photoelectrodes for solar water splitting via synergistically tailored structure and stoichiometry. H. Lim, J. L. Young, J. F. Geisz, D. J. Friedman, T. G. Deutsch, J. Yoon, Nature Communications (2019) : 3388.
HydroGEN Overview: A Consortium on Advanced Water Splitting Materials (AWSM). H. N. Dinh, R. Boardman, A. H. McDaniel, H. Colon-Mercado, T. Ogitsu, A. Z. Weber, FY 2018 DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program Annual Progress Report (2019) .
Initial approaches in benchmarking and round robin testing for proton exchange membrane water electrolyzers. G. Bender, M. Carmo, T. Smolinka, A. Gago, N. Danilovic, M. Mueller, F. Ganci, A. Fallisch, P. Lettenmeier, K. A. Friedrich, K. Ayers, B. Pivovar, J. Mergel, D. Stolten, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 18 (2019) : 9174-9187.
Integrated Membrane-Electrode-Assembly Photoelectrochemical Cell under Various Feed Conditions for Solar Water Splitting. T. A. Kistler, D. Larson, K. Walczak, P. Agbo, I. D. Sharp, A. Z. Weber, N. Danilovic, Journal of The Electrochemical Society 5 (2019) : H3020-H3028.
Interfacial Analysis of PEM Electrolyzer Using X-ray Computed Tomography. E. Leonard, A. D. Shum, N. Danilovic, C. Capuano, K. E. Ayers, L. Pant, A. Z. Weber, X. Xiao, D. Parkinson, I. V. Zenyuk, Sustainable Energy & Fuels (2019) .
Interfacial engineering of gallium indium phosphide photoelectrodes for hydrogen evolution with precious metal and non-precious metal based catalysts. R. J. Britto, J. L. Young, Y. Yang, M. A. Steiner, D. T. LaFehr, D. J. Friedman, M. Beard, T. G. Deutsch, T. F. Jaramillo, Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2019) : 16821-16832.
Iridium Oxygen Evolution Activity and Durability Baselines in Rotating Disk Electrode Half-Cells. S. M. Alia, G. C. Anderson, Journal of The Electrochemical Society 4 (2019) : F282-F294.
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Metal-Supported Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell with Significantly Enhanced Catalysis. R. Wang, E. Dogdibegovic, G. Y. Lau, M. C. Tucker, Energy Technology (2019) : 1801154.
Molybdenum Disulfide Catalytic Coatings via Atomic Layer Deposition for Solar Hydrogen Production from Copper Gallium Diselenide Photocathodes. T. R. Hellstern, D. W. Palm, J. Carter, A. D. DeAngelis, K. Horsley, L. Weinhardt, W. Yang, M. Blum, N. Gaillard, C. Heske, T. F. Jaramillo, ACS Applied Energy Materials 2 (2019) : 1060-1066.
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Wide-Bandgap Cu(In,Ga)S2 Photocathodes Integrated on Transparent Conductive F:SnO2 Substrates for Chalcopyrite-Based Water Splitting Tandem Devices. N. Gaillard, D. Prasher, M. Chong, A. Deangelis, K. Horsley, H. A. Ishii, J. P. Bradley, J. Varley, T. Ogitsu, ACS Applied Energy Materials 8 (2019) : 5515-5524.
(Invited) HydroGEN: An AWSM Energy Materials Network. J. W. Vickers, H. N. Dinh, K. Randolph, A. Z. Weber, A. H. McDaniel, R. Boardman, T. Ogitsu, H. Colon-Mercado, D. Peterson, E. L. Miller, ECS Transactions 11 (2018) : 3-14.
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BaCe <sub>0.25</sub> Mn <sub>0.75</sub> O <sub>3−δ</sub> —a promising perovskite-type oxide for solar thermochemical hydrogen production. D. R. Barcellos, M. D. Sanders, J. Tong, A. H. McDaniel, R. P. O’Hayre, Energy & Environmental Science (2018) .
Cobalt-substituted SrTi0.3Fe0.7O3−δ: a stable high-performance oxygen electrode material for intermediate-temperature solid oxide electrochemical cells. S. L. Zhang, H. Wang, M. Y. Lu, A. P. Zhang, L. V. Mogni, Q. Liu, C. X. Li, C. J. Li, S. A. Barnett, Energy & Environmental Science 7 (2018) : 1870-1879.
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