Call for Papers: 2019 Materials Research Society Spring Symposia on Advanced Water Splitting

July 31, 2018

HydroGEN members have organized two joint symposia during the 2019 Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring Meeting and Exhibit April 22–26, 2019, in Phoenix, Arizona, where researchers from diverse disciplines will gather to share research findings and discuss issues and developments in advanced water splitting materials (AWSM) science and related sciences. The two symposia will include all four HydroGEN pathways for renewable hydrogen production: one on low-temperature electrolysis (LTE) and photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting and the other on high-temperature electrolysis (HTE) and solar thermochemical (STCH) water splitting.  

There is a brief description of each below. Visit the MRS website to learn more about the meeting, the exciting invited speakers, and contact the symposium organizers with questions. Abstract submission will be open September 28October 31, 2018.

Symposium ES11—Advanced Low Temperature Water-Splitting for Renewable Hydrogen Production via Electrochemical and Photoelectrochemical Processes

Symposium ES11 will bring together researchers from both the LTE and PEC communities to present and discuss recent advances in the field. Presentations will focus on both fundamental materials discoveries and device level challenges and will highlight advanced materials characterization, synergistic theory-experiment coupling, and standard protocol developments. Topics will include compound semiconductors for high efficiency solar water splitting, membrane and electrolyte engineering, high-throughput calculation and experimentation, light materials interaction, advanced photoelectrochemical science, interfacial charge transfer, plasma induced processes, and corrosion science.

Learn more about Symposium ES11.

Symposium ES12—Redox-Active Oxides for Creating Renewable and Sustainable Energy Carriers

Symposium ES12 will bring together researchers who are working on HTE and STCH approaches to fuel production and energy storage. This symposium will highlight advances in redox active metal oxides applied to electrochemical and thermochemical processes inclusive of several applications, including water splitting and thermal energy storage. Presentations will focus on material discovery, classes of oxides, and recent progress or challenges in rational design of materials via computational science. Topics will include defect chemistry, bulk and interfacial chemistry, as well as prediction and realization of new materials.

Learn more about Symposium ES12.