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Babiniec SM, Coker EN, Miller JE, Ambrosini A.  0.  Doped calcium manganites for advanced high-temperature thermochemical energy storage: Doped calcium manganites for thermochemical energy storage. International Journal of Energy Research. 40(2):280-284.
Siegel NP, Miller JE, Ermanoski I, Diver RB, Stechel EB.  0.  Factors affecting the efficiency of solar driven metal oxide thermochemical cycles. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 52(9):3276-3286.
Schieber GL, Stechel EB, Ambrosini A, Miller JE, Loutzenhiser PG.  0.  H 2 O splitting via a two-step solar thermoelectrolytic cycle based on non-stoichiometric ceria redox reactions: Thermodynamic analysis. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 42(30):18785-18793.
Miller JE, Allendorf MD, Diver RB, Evans LR, Siegel NP, Stuecker JN.  0.  Metal Oxide Composites and Structures for Ultra-High Temperature Solar Thermochemical Cycles. Journal of Materials Science. 43(14):4714-4728.
Stechel EB, Miller JE.  0.  Re-energizing CO2 to fuels with the sun: Issues of efficiency, scale, and economics. Journal of CO2 Utilization. 1:28-36.
Laboratories ASandia Nat, Miller JE, Diver, Jr. RB, Siegel NPhillip, Coker E, Ambrosini A, Dedrick DE, Allendorf MD, McDaniel AH, Kellogg GL et al..  0.  Sunshine to Petrol: A Metal Oxide-Based Thermochemical Route to Solar Fuels.
Babiniec SM, Ambrosini A, Miller JE.  0.  Thermodynamic assessment of an electrically-enhanced thermochemical hydrogen production (EETHP) concept for renewable hydrogen generation. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 42(21):14380-14389.
Allendorf MD, Diver RB, Siegel NP, Miller JE.  0.  Two-step water splitting using mixed-metal ferrites: Thermodynamic analysis and characterization of synthesized materials. Energy & Fuels. 22(6):4115-4124.