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Atomic layer deposited thin film metal oxides for fuel production in a solar cavity reactor. P. Lichty, X. Liang, C. Muhich, B. Evanko, C. Bingham, A. W. Weimer, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 22 (2012) : 16888-16894.
Cell failure mechanisms in PEM water electrolyzers. P. Millet, A. Ranjbari, F. de Guglielmo, S. A. Grigoriev, F. Auprêtre, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 22 (2012) : 17478-17487.
CO2 valorisation based on Fe3O4/FeO thermochemical redox reactions using concentrated solar energy. S. Abanades, I. Villafan-Vidales, International Journal of Energy Research (2012) : n/a-n/a.
CoFe<sub>2</sub>O<sub>4</sub> on a Porous Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> Nanostructure for Solar Thermochemical CO<sub>2</sub> Splitting. D. Arifin, V. J. Aston, X. Liang, A. H. McDaniel, A. W. Weimer, Energy & Environmental Science 11 (2012) : 9438-9444.
Concentrating solar thermal power and thermochemical fuels. M. Romero, A. Steinfeld, Energy & Environmental Science 11 (2012) : 9234-9245.
Dopant Incorporation in Ceria for Enhanced Water-Splitting Activity During Solar Thermochemical Hydrogen Generation. A. Le Gal, S. Abanades, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 25 (2012) : 13516–13523.
Fuel production from CO<sub>2</sub> using solar-thermal energy: system level analysis. J. Kim, T. A. Johnson, J. E. Miller, E. B. Stechel, C. T. Maravelias, Energy & Environmental Science 9 (2012) : 8417.
Low-temperature, manganese oxide-based, thermochemical water splitting cycle. B. Xu, Y. Bhawe, M. E. Davis, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 24 (2012) : 9260–9264.
Reimagining liquid transportation fuels : Sunshine to Petrol.. J. Edward Miller, M. D. Allendorf, A. Ambrosini, K. Shuang Chen, E. Nicholas Coker, D. E. Dedrick, J. Diver Rich B., J. Hogan Roy E., I. Ermanoski, T. Alan Johnson, G. L. Kellog, A. H. McDaniel, N. Phillip Siegel, C. Lynn Staiger, E. Beth Stechel, (2012) .
Syngas production by simultaneous splitting of H2O and CO2 via ceria redox reactions in a high-temperature solar reactor. P. Furler, J. R. Scheffe, A. Steinfeld, Energy & Environmental Science 3 (2012) : 6098.
The Effects of Morphology on the Oxidation of Ceria by Water and Carbon Dioxide. L. J. Venstrom, N. Petkovich, S. Rudisill, A. Stein, J. H. Davidson, Journal of Solar Energy Engineering 1 (2012) : 011005.
Control of Heterogeneity in Nanostructured Ce1–xZrxO2 Binary Oxides for Enhanced Thermal Stability and Water Splitting Activity. N. D. Petkovich, S. G. Rudisill, L. J. Venstrom, D. B. Boman, J. H. Davidson, A. Stein, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 43 (2011) : 21022-21033.
Ferrite-YSZ composites for solar thermochemical production of synthetic fuels: in operando characterization of CO2 reduction. E. N. Coker, A. Ambrosini, M. A. Rodriguez, J. E. Miller, Journal of Materials Chemistry 29 (2011) : 10767–10776.
Synthesis and characterization of oxide materials for thermochemical CO2 splitting using concentrated solar energy.. A. Ambrosini, E. B. Stechel, E. Nicholas Coker, J. E. Miller, J. Anthony Ohlhausen, M. A. Rodriguez, (2011) .
Technologies and trends in solar power and fuels. M. Roeb, M. Neises, N. Monnerie, C. Sattler, R. Pitz-Paal, Energy & Environmental Science 7 (2011) : 2503.
A Spinel Ferrite/Hercynite Water-Splitting Redox Cycle. J. R. Scheffe, J. Li, A. W. Weimer, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 8 (2010) : 3333-3340.
A thermochemical study of ceria: Exploiting an old material for new modes of energy conversion and CO<sub>2</sub> mitigation. W. C. Chueh, S. M. Haile, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 1923 (2010) : 3269-3294.
Concentrated solar power for renewable electricity and hydrogen production from water—a review. B. Coelho, A. C. Oliveira, A. Mendes, Energy & Environmental Science 10 (2010) : 1398.
Concentrating on Solar Electricity and Fuels. M. Roeb, H. Muller-Steinhagen, Science 5993 (2010) : 773-774.
Corrosion of metal bipolar plates for PEM fuel cells: A review. R. A. Antunes, M. Cristina L. Oliveira, G. Ett, V. Ett, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 8 (2010) : 3632-3647.
Investigation of Reactive Cerium-Based Oxides for H<sub>2</sub> Production by Thermochemical Two-Step Water-Splitting. S. Abanades, A. Legal, A. Cordier, G. Peraudeau, G. Flamant, A. Julbe, Journal of Materials Science 15 (2010) : 4163–4173.
Kinetic Investigations of the Hydrogen Production Step of a Thermochemical Cycle Using Mixed Iron Oxides Coated on Ceramic Substrates. M. Neises, M. Roeb, M. Schmücker, C. Sattler, R. Pitz-Paal, International Journal of Energy Research 8 (2010) : 651-661.
Solar hydrogen: fuel of the near future. M. Pagliaro, A. G. Konstandopoulos, R. Ciriminna, G. Palmisano, Energy & Environmental Science 3 (2010) : 279–287.
Synthesis and characterization of ferrite materials for thermochemical CO2 splitting using concentrated solar energy. A. Ambrosini, E. N. Coker, M. A. Rodriguez, S. Livers, L. R. Evans, J. E. Miller, E. B. Stechel, (2010) : 1–13.
Catalytic activity of supported metal particles for sulfuric acid decomposition reaction. S. N. Rashkeev, D. M. Ginosar, L. M. Petkovic, H. H. Farrell, Catalysis Today 4 (2009) : 291-298.
Summary Report: Direct Approaches for Recycling Carbon Dioxide into Synthetic Fuel. J. E. Miller, L. R. Evans, N. P. Siegel, R. B. Diver, F. Gelbard, A. Ambrosini, M. D. Allendorf, (2009) .
Innovative Solar Thermochemical Water Splitting. R. B. Diver, N. P. Siegel, T. A. Moss, J. E. Miller, L. Evans, R. E. Hogan, M. D. Allendorf, J. N. Stuecker, D. L. James, (2008) .
Solar thermochemical water-splitting ferrite-cycle heat engines. R. B. Diver, J. E. Miller, M. D. Allendorf, N. P. Siegel, R. E. Hogan, Journal of Solar Energy Engineering 4 (2008) : 041001(1)-041001(8).
Catalyst evaluation for a sulfur dioxide-depolarized electrolyzer. H. R. Colón-Mercado, D. T. Hobbs, Electrochemistry Communications 11 (2007) : 2649-2653.
Materials Development for the CR5 Solar Thermochemical Heat Engine. J. E. Miller, L. R. Evans, J. N. Stuecker, M. D. Allendorf, N. P. Siegel, R. B. Diver, (2006) : 311-320.
Thermodynamic Analysis of Mixed-Metal Ferrites for Hydrogen Production by Two-Step Water Splitting. M. D. Allendorf, R. B. Diver, J. E. Miller, N. P. Siegel, (2006) : 285-290.
Direct solar reduction of CO<sub>2</sub> to fuel: First prototype results. A. J. Traynor, R. J. Jensen, Industrial & engineering chemistry research 8 (2002) : 1935–1939.
Solar thermochemical process technology. A. Steinfeld, R. Palumbo, Encyclopedia of physical science and technology (2001) : 237–256.