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Park J.E, Bare Z.JL, Morelock R.J, Rodriguez M.A, Ambrosini A., Musgrave C.B, McDaniel A.H, Coker E.N.  2021.  Computationally Accelerated Discovery and Experimental Demonstration of Gd0.5La0.5Co0.5Fe0.5O3 for Solar Thermochemical Hydrogen Production. Frontiers in Energy Research. 9
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Motz A.R, Li D., Keane A., Manriquez L.D, Park E.J, Maurya S., Chung H., Fujimoto C., Jeon J., Pagels M.K et al..  2021.  Performance and Durability of Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzers Using Down-Selected Polymer Electrolytes. Journal of Materials Chemistry A. :22670-22683.
Gaillard N., Septina W., Varley J., Ogitsu T., Ohtaki K.K, Ishii H.A, Bradley J.P, Muzzillo C., Zhu K., Babbe F. et al..  2021.  Performance and Limits of 2.0 eV Bandgap CuInGaS2 Solar Absorber Integrated With CdS Buffer on F:SnO2 Substrate for Multijunction Photovoltaic and Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Devices. 2(17):5752-5763.
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